Lux Hair Oil
Lux Hair Oil
Lux Hair Oil
Lux Hair Oil
Lux Hair Oil
Lux Hair Oil

Lux Hair Oil

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Both the organic and cold-pressed oils in our Lux Hair Oil are of the highest quality.

It's rich in protein, which helps build hair, and in oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, linoleic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation in the scalp.

It helps cure split ends while strengthening hair, smoothing out hair, adding shine, and protecting hair from the sun.

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in abundance, help to prevent moisture loss, stimulate hair development, and reduce hair loss.

In order to combat dandruff and dry, flaky scalp, it may be massaged into the scalp.

This beneficial oil "wakes up" the hair follicle and promotes healthy hair follicles, both of which are helpful for hair growth.

This nourishing oil is rich in vitamin E and lubricates the hair shaft, which helps prevent dryness, minimises frizz, and maximises shine, and it also promotes scalp health.

Facilitates new hair development while bringing back the hair's natural suppleness and shine. You may apply our Lux Hair Oil all over your body to keep it supple and healthy.

Directions: Before taking a shower, apply to the scalp and massage evenly throughout the hair, concentrating on the ends aswell. Leave on for 30 minutes before to showering, then shampoo at least three times and condition as usual.

Can also be used as a frizz control product. Simply apply a little quantity of the oil to the midlengths and ends of your hair before styling as usual.

For naturally curly or wavy hair, wet the hair and rub a little amount of oil between your fingers before applying it sparingly throughout the hair in a scrunching motion. This will leave the hair frizz-free, lustrous, and soft, while giving it a natural curly/wavy appearance.


Do you have frizzy, knotted hair after leaving the beach or pool?

Our Lux Hair Oil will remedy this issue.

When you  exit the water, pour a few pumps of Lux Hair Oil into your hands and lavishly cover your hair with the oil.

This will stay in the hair until SFHaircare Shampoo is used to remove it.

Our Lux Hair Oil will coat the hair and offer a protective layer against salt water and chlorine as it forms a barrier around the cuticle of the hair, while also delivering nutrients that will help protect your hair.

This will also give your hair a wonderful, natural beachy appearance without any stiffness while preserving it.

 100% Australian manufactured in Melbourne
Certified 100% Organic Cold Pressed Ingredients No Sulfates, No Parabens, Vegan

If irritation occurs stop use.

 Comes in a 50ml glass dropper bottle 

Ingredients: *Rosemary Oil, *Castor Oil, *Tea Tree Oil, *Sweet Almond Oil, *Argan Oil, *Sea Buckthorn Oil, *Moringa Oil, *Spearmint Essential Oil.
*Denotes Certified Organic


Customer Reviews

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Ana Gamo
Best Hair products

Absolutely love products.
After 2 weeks holidays & hair damaged by being in pool / chlorine my hair was extreme dry & damaged, I was contemplating cutting my long hair ...
My daughter recommended I try this first. From 1st wash - I was like woewd!
Amazingly my hair was soft from just the shampoo, than the conditioner made it even better.
I have only been using this for 3 weeks but I recommend it 100%
Love the products!!! & my hair again.


You’ve got to get it.
This hair oil is amazing. I’ve had dandruff for years and have tried so many different shampoos and even a prescription shampoo from a doctor and it didn’t help. I used this hair oil and I had so much less dandruff (half the amount that usually builds up after the first use).

Amazing for your skin too. I’ve massaged this onto my face at night and my skin is less dry. I’ve put it on my tattoos and they’re gorgeous, instead of getting light and grey looking the next day, like when I use moisturiser or tattoo balm, my tattoos stay dark for days and look so nice.

Love it

Finally a product that works on me and on my girls, they love the smell as well!

The Best Hair Oil on the Market

Wow… I can’t recommend this product enough, I have been using it not only in my hair but for my sons eczema problem and it has worked miracles!

Teresa Fitzgerald

SF Haircare